With a diverse background in Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, and Tap Dance, I bring a unique blend of artistry and skill to the stage.

From captivating stage performances to enchanting theme park spectacles, my passion for dance and entertainment shines through in every step.

Visual Showcase

Eery image tells a story, and every step is a celebration of creativity.

In the dead of night, when shadows creep,
And silence falls, so dark and deep,
There stirs a force, a presence bleak,
A whispering voice, a ghastly shriek.

Beneath the moon’s pale, haunting glow,
Where twisted branches sway and grow,
There lies a tale of woe untold,
In a realm where nightmares unfold.

Beware the whispers in the breeze,
The rustling leaves, the silent pleas,
For in this realm of wicked dread,
Lies naught but sorrow, fear, and dread.

So heed this warning, traveler dear,
And tread not near this place of fear,
For once you enter, you’ll never leave,
Bound to the darkness, doomed to grieve.

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